What IS this?

Craniosacral therapy calms the nervous system by helping optimize the flow of cerebral spinal fluid (CSF).

What’s CSF?

It’s the fluid that makes a pillow around your brain so it doesn’t get bruised when your head bumps into something. (Not to oversimplify.) It encircles your spinal cord, bathing the nerves that feed out from it, and forms another pillow at your tailbone. Though it has a watery consistency, its high mineral content makes it very conductive. CSF may help your brain and your nerves talk to each other.

CSF provides a nurturing context for general health. Many years ago, some osteopaths noticed that its rhythm could be felt by hand. This same pulse, deeper and slower than the heartbeat or the breath, turns up in plants, within cells and noncellular organisms. It’s measurable in galactic and planetary electromagnetic fields. Some people call it the “breath of life.”

This rhythm gets out of whack sometimes. Why wouldn’t it, given all the other electromagnetic influences on our bodies these days? When it does, the ability to heal from injury or illness can be weakened or obstructed.

Many types of adjustments can happen as CSF rebalances itself. Bones and fascia can realign. More basically, the body’s fight-or-flight responses can return to their more natural settings. Twigged-out reactions to stress (and you do know what I mean, don’t you?) are behind so many health conditions today.

The biodynamic style differs from other approaches in that it relies on your body’s innate knowledge of its own best way to heal. It works from the inside out. Out of the stillness that is the core of the practice, self-healing can arise. Even in an hour-long session, the body experiences a deep recognition of what it needs. Yes! The not-twig. This. 🙂

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