Remote Cranio Therapy

I don’t know why it works, but here’s how I do it: We connect via a video call–Duo (Android), FB messenger, or Zoom. I conduct a short meditation/grounding exercise to help you relax. If the call/video quality is good, we stick to that format. If not, we hang up and I call you back over the phone. We put the phone (or laptop) down, and I conduct the session, explaining where I am moving around your body and checking in with your perceptions. Sessions are about an hour. The rate is the same. During this time, you are encouraged to stay in relaxation and maintain a receptive and hopeful state of mind. Afterwards we will discuss anything that came up for you. Most people have a session very similar to what they would experience in person.

I believe in the power of presence and touch for healing. However, due to COVID-19 many healing modalities will be more challenging in person. I first heard of remote CST work through one of my mentors during my training. To be honest, I was skeptical. After all, isn’t CST about the cranium and the sacrum (and points in between)? Isn’t it about palpating the nervous system via cerebral-spinal fluid? I believed my teacher was good at what she did and probably capable of delivering this work across distances, but I thought I personally would probably not try it.

When a friend of someone I care about nearly died in an accident. I thought, why not try to help, though she lives in another state? And I was blown away by what happened during and after the session. It felt like she was right here, on my table. So I tried it again in some other situations. I’ve always known that CST was primarily energy work. Practicing CST in any setting hones intuition. My confidence built.

I also adopted a dog who turned out to have serious behavioral issues. She received remote energy work from a wonderful practitioner 200 miles from our home. I was amazed at the impact. I hired an animal Reiki practitioner to work with my other pets and was amazed again.

I then became a certified animal Reiki practitioner myself. THAT work is often remote. I feel that animals show us how energy flows–stuff we can’t see, they can. Stuff we’re afraid to believe in, they accept. Honestly, it’s not possible to conduct double-blind, placebo testing with some modalities. Yet, these approaches just seem to work on animals.

Some practitioners have complex science-y sounding explanations for why energy work… well, works. Quantum entanglement or whatever. Me, I’m even more skeptical of applying physics to whatever this is. People find it helpful, but will it be scientifically proven? Maybe one day, but not now. I’ve learned to trust my experience and those of my clients. I DON’T KNOW WHY THIS WORKS. CST is mysterious to begin with, which is part of the wonder of it.

I was already considering offering remote work to those who are homebound or live far away. Then COVID-19 struck, and now it may be absolutely necessary for existing clients who want to continue their series work, or for new clients who feel especially agitated during this time of uncertainty.

Right now, I want to help. Contact me with any questions or to schedule a session for yourself–or your pet.

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